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  • To Parents/Guardians of S-Ateen Members:


    Thank you for extending the hand of recovery to your teen.


    S-Ateen is for young people ages 12 to 19.  Members benefit from a shared learning experience and mutual support in a safe environment on the S-Ateen Online Community.  Only qualified S-Ateen members and certified S-Ateen Group Sponsors have access to this website.


    Suggestions regarding weekly voice meetings on the S-Ateen Online Community:

    • Provide a quiet area where your teen can freely share without interruption or distractions (i.e. no other family members talking in the background or listening in on meetings).  
    • Headphones are recommended to ensure anonymity for S-Ateen members on the meeting.
    • Allow your teen to maintain privacy not only while on the S-Ateen meetings, but also after meetings.  Just like in our S-Ateen face-to-face meetings, anonymity is important.  We encourage all members to hold in confidence who was on the meeting and what was shared in the meeting.  Likewise, we encourage parents/guardians to follow these same guidelines and refrain from asking questions about the S-Ateen meeting.     
    • S-Ateen Group Sponsors are S-Anon members who have been trained and certified to serve with the S-Ateen fellowship.  Following the Twelve Traditions of S-Ateen, the Group Sponsors electronically monitor the meeting providing a safe place for all S-Ateen members.  They share on the meeting topic from the standpoint of their own teen years.  They do not play the role of parent or teacher by commenting or giving advice.  
    • S-Ateen is not therapy, and its goal is not to fix your teen. It’s a place where young people join together for mutual aid and encouragement as they recover from the painful effects in their lives resulting from someone else’s sexaholic behavior.  Working the 12 Steps of S-Ateen is foundational to personal growth in the program.
    • S-Ateen offers extraordinary opportunities and we are honored to extend the hand of recovery to young people who courageously choose to participate.  We also recognize the courage of parents/guardians who support their teens in seeking their own recovery and gaining support from other young people.


    If you have questions about the S-Ateen fellowship or the S-Ateen Online Community, please don’t hesitate to contact the S-Anon World Service Office.


    S-Anon International Family Groups

    Atten:  S-Ateen Online Community

    P.O. Box 17294, Nashville, TN 37217

    Phone: 615-833-3152 | Toll-Free: 800-210-8141 | Fax: 615-833-8454

    [email protected]


    S-Ateen Online Community, P.O. Box 17294, Nashville, Tennessee, 37217

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